Education Program


SCVD has created a simple education program booklet and training poster to bring awareness on the benefits of clean water, and on personal hygiene and sanitation.  The program will be distributed in the communities where we install filter systems, focusing on children’s education.














Posters are being distributed to each family in the villages, so that they can hang them up in their homes. Posters are also being put in every classroom in the schools where we install clean water systems.  The schools also get education program booklets and our aim is to give every child a personal booklet for use in school, and to take home to show their families, to create awareness across the whole community.

The children pass on their knowledge to their families.  At school, each child fills their water bottle at the end of each day to bring back to their families.  This education process enables the young to be educated at first hand on the advantages of clean water.  In many cases schools share their water with the local village and place of worship, and the whole community benefits from each school project.

Download Education manual PDF

 Clean water and hygiene education program for use in Cambodia. Written in both English and Khmer.  The poster (below), uses the same content and cartoons, and is written in Khmer, for use in each home and school classrooms.

SCVD filter instructions and benefits of clean water poster PDF

 Describes functions of water filter in Khmer. ( This poster is fitted to each clean water site, next to the filter, and consists of an instruction manual and some bullet points on the benefits of clean water and good hygiene.  The poster is designed to give a simple explanation of how to use the filter, and a summary of the benefits.

SCVD poster English translation

  Translation of the above “SCVD filter instructions and benefits of clean water poster PDF”.

Koh Tkov commune training meeting July 11

   Agenda and training outline for training the Leaders of the community, July 2011.




SCVD Clean Water and Hygiene Education Program














The education posters are used by young and old, and help Mothers and Fathers teach their children.  Every home is given a poster


The elderley man on the right was fascinated by the cartoons and teaching, and spent 40 minutes studying the poster without looking up!!


Srey Yean, now retired Headmaster of Takol primary school, studying the SCVD clean water and good hygiene training booklet which is distributed to all the schools we work with.  Srey Yean has been a very good JV partner; Takol primary school was the first school to have an SCVD water system installed.


We took the cartoons and content from the booklets, and created a poster which we give to families and schools.