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Farmers crossing main Phnom Penh to Battambong highway with their herd of oxen

A young girl transporting some wood on a farm in Kampong Tralach

A typical scene in the countryside in Kampong Chhnang province, transporting wood, and collecting the crops

Girl helping her family to gather crops from the farm. 75% of Cambodia is rural farmland. Children work on the land with their parents when they finish school.  Generally the farmers produce enough food for their families, and sell some of their produce at the local markets.  What the people lack is clean water and good hygiene, plus a sound education.  There is a high incidence of water borne disease in Cambodia, partly due to chemical contamination, but mainly microbial contamination (bacteria and virus).

The river areas are worst affected, especially in the rainy season when the water level rises.

Farm kids after a hard days work in the fields

Main mode of transport in the farms and villages

Farm workers on their way to work in the morning…

…And on their way back home late afternoon.


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