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Hospital/Health centres

SCVD has installed clean water systems in one hospital, Tralach referral hospital, and eleven health centres, which look after the people of Kampong Chhnang province. Each health centre has on average 1,000 patients per month, many of whom have ailments linked to drinking dirty water.

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A typical lobby area of a health centre, normally full of patients, many of whom are young children, suffering with stomach illness and diarrhoea.

SCVD installs the Free Flow 60 filters in the health centre lobbies so patients and their families can enjoy clean water.

Samreth Tha, Director of Koh Tkov health centre, drinking from the Free Flow 60 following installation. Koh Tkov is on the Tonle Sap River. SCVD also contributed to a new toilet at the back of the health centre, agreeing to split the costs 50/50.

SCVD has installed a water system in all 11 health centres in Kampong Chhnang province, in a project coordinated by the Director of Kampong Tralach Referral Hospital in Kampong Chhnang town. A meeting was arranged with all 11 health centre directors at the hospital. It was discovered that each health centre looks after on average 1,000 patients per month, and many of the illnesses are stomach/diarrhoea related. The worst affected areas are on Tonle Sap River, especially in the rainy season.

In some cases the dry season forces people to drink from ponds when wells dry up, and the incidence of microbial contamination increases. On the river, the rise of water level makes the water very contaminated. Kostkov Health Centre is on the river. We also installed a toilet there.

Dr. Choun Sokhon, director of Kampong Tralach referral hospital, (left) with San You, SCVD Director of Operations, after a meeting to discuss installation of 4 Free Flow filters in the hospital, and 11 at each of the District health centres

Mum and daughter at the health centre after collection of prescription

A typical daily scene at the health centre, normally related to sickness in children


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