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Farm track in Kampong Chhnang, tree lined with farm houses on each side of the track.

Spectacular hill range, to the East of Kampong Chhnang town, with farm land in the foreground

Sunset through the trees

Houses on the Tonle Sap river have to be built on stilts as the water level rises above the ground level during the rainy season. Water quality gets much worse during the rainy season, and the incidence of water borne disease rises exponentially

A family on the farm outside Kampong Chhnang town

Lotus flowers in abundance on a lake in the countryside

On the farm collecting the crops

Kampong Chhnang has a famous pottery industry, and a common site, as above, is a line of ox drawn carts laden with pottery on the way to market.

In the rainy season the farms are bright green in colour

A view from the main Phnom Penh-Battambong road, just outside Kampong Chhnang town

View from Ampil Tuek Commune centre over Tonle Sap river


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