Meeting with Koh Tkov Commune on Tonle Sap river …

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Meeting with Koh Tkov Commune on Tonle Sap river …

We believe in a top down approach to our water strategy.  We arrange  commune meetings with the commune head and committee, (a commune is around 10 villages and 10 schools), plus all the village chiefs and headmasters of the schools in the commune.  At the meeting we discuss their problems with water and explain how we are able to assist.  Meetings are proactive, with everyone being given the opportunity to voice their opinions, and bring awareness on the core problems.

Most people get sick due to contaminated water, especially in the rainy season.  The children are worst affected.  The leaders all agree that clean water systems would greatly improve their health, and they also agree to joint ventures with SCVD, where they contribute generators, fuel, education, security, maintenance, and feedback on progress.  At many of the meetings the committee cheer with joy at the prospect of having a constant supply of clean water!

The communities are now looking at the long term sustainability of the systems, and believe that the clean, safe water should not be free of charge.  By charging a very minimal amount, (60 times lower than even the cheapest bottled water), a fund, run by each village water committee, can save enough to sustain the project for future generations. Pricing will be set at a point at which all the villagers can afford, and in extreme cases the village helps out.  Once pricing is agreed, it will become the set price for all projects. Every village must run grass roots discussion groups, with SCVD present, to explain the plan, and get feedback before implementation. Decisions must be made by the community themselves, once the plan has been explained.


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