Places of worship

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Places of worship

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Takol Pagoda clean water site, with security box fitted (left of photo on wall).  Hundreds of people gather every week at the Pagoda and use the clean water facilities.

Ny Lors, village chief Kahn Chong,  in a special meeting with future village committee members!!  Grand daughter cuddled up to Ny Lors.

Village elder and committee member at the mosque

Monks having breakfast at the Pagoda

Nhek Vanthen, chief monk at Takol Pagoda, with his trusted pet pig, which follows him everywhere (slowly!)

Temple on a hill close to Kampong Chhnang town

Locals gather for a talk on the benefits of clean water and good hygiene

Monks transporting a generator to the clean water site at Takol Pagoda

Temple on Tonle Sap River

Moslem girls on their way back home to Kahn Chong village from school nearby

Elderly Monk at Takol Pagoda

“Many cooks spoil the broth.  Purity without virtue is a flower without perfume!”


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