River Life

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River Life

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Washing oxen in Tonle Sap River.  All sorts of village activities take place in and around the river, and this results in poor water quality.

Discussing business at the end of a day’s fishing on the river.  The women are just as active as the men, and sometimes more.

Late afternoon and the fishing boats are starting to return home

Kids on the river bank playing.  They often accompany their parents on fishing trips and help mend nets and prepare the fish for market

River taxi  to Koh Tkov health centre, located  in a commune on one of the many river islands

Floating general store moves around the floating village during the day.  Daughter helping her Mum to steer through the village

Rice laid out neatly to dry outside a village home

Farmers transporting their crops, and filling their carts to the brim!

This Lady farms chili and lotus seeds in front of her home on the river.  She sells to middle men who then take the produce to Phnom Penh.  The price of chili fluctuates from season to season.  It only takes a few months to grow, from January to March, and is then harvested until the rainy season starts around June/July.

A typical river home

Traveling on one of many ferries constantly traversing across the river transporting people, animals, and machines.

Buffalo are frequently used for farming as well as oxen

Buffalo grazing and cooling down in the river (foreground).  The river level can rise up and cover the river banks in the rainy season.  A few years it was so high that the homes which are built on pillars, had water marks on the pillars 5 feet above the ground.

River boat bringing villagers across the river.

Ferry girl who collects the fees for river crossing.  They all wear big hats for protection from the sun

Selling vegetables in the market, which is bustling with people around 8 am every morning.


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