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Installing clean water systems in schools is a priority for SCV. The children become aware of the benefits of clean safe water from a young age, and can pass on their knowledge to their families. Teachers are keen to make sure the children drink clean water at school, and also practice good hygiene, including washing their hands regularly. SCV distributes simple education booklets to every child, and the children and told to show their parents, brothers and sisters, to spread the word.

Primary school on Tonle Sap river. The school is built on stilts because the river rises in the rainy season and covers the whole area. Sometimes the kids have to go to school by boat!  With the rise in the water level, the incidence of water borne disease rises, because the water becomes contaminated with bacteria and viruses from the ground. Some villages also have problems in the dry season, where the river level drops and creates stagnant pools of water. The people depend on the river for their water supply, and have no alternative but to drink from the river. The installation of  clean water systems changes the lives of the communities on the river, drastically cutting disease related to contaminated water.

Despite the health problems in rural communities, the children are happy and enjoy going to school. Some of the schools we work with have up to 2,000 students.

End of the school day, a young student on her way  home with her new school bag.

Takol primary school classroom.

Takol Primary school was the first school to get the Free Flow 60.  They now have 2 installed, and run an education program using the SCV program.  Srey Yean, the headmaster, is committed to sustain the system, and makes sure the children get a free flow of clean water every day.  He also makes sure the children use clean bottles, and wash their hands regularly.

The filters are often placed in one of the classrooms for security and maintenance.  The schools run a rosta so kids have a constant supply of clean water.  This filter is approximately 20 metres from the well and tank, but still gets a 60 litre flow of clean water every hour.

Takol school kids in the playground between classes

School children crossing the river to go to school on a rather flimsy ferry.  It seems to work very well considering build quality!

Children at Kahn Chong Primary school now have clean water and a new well.  The school is very poor, and there are many cases of malnutrition and water related problems.  SCV built the school a drilled well, and the village donated a new generator.

School children in class on the grass in the school square, next to the village meeting SCV held to bring awareness on clean water and hygiene.

A makeshift classroom in a barn/boathouse near the river

Headmaster of Takol Primary school, Srey Yean, with his education booklets


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