Water Sites

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Water Sites

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Takol Primary School was the first school to have a water system installed.  The headmaster decided to put the filter in one of the classrooms for security and to protect the unit from the elements.  The children are being educated on the benefits of clean water and good hygiene, from the SCV education program.

Commune water committee examining a new installation on the river

Ny Lors, village chief of  kahn Chong Moslem village, at the dug well with his brand new generator which his village purchased as part of the JV with SCV.  There are now 3 clean water sites in Kahn Chong village, looking after around 200 families.  We also installed a drilled well and water system at Kahn Chong Primary school.  The village bought the school a generator.

In Kahn Chong village, each of the three sites has a water tank, stand, two Free Flow 60 water filters, and are positioned next to the village wells.  The systems are run on a sustainable basis by the Village chief, who bought four generators for the village and school, to pump the water from the well to the water tank.  The generators were the contribution by the village towards the joint venture we formed with them.  The village provides the fuel, security, maintenance, education, and report back to us on impact on health in the community.

Example of a clean water site at one of the eleven health centres.  The filters are under cover  in the entrance area of the health centre, so both patients and their families have access to clean water.  All eleven health  centres see an average of 1,000 patients per month, many of whom have ailments related to drinking of  dirty water.

Close up of filter, showing SCV poster which explains the instructions for use and benefits of clean water

Samreth Tha, Director of Koh Tkov health centre on Tonle Sap River, enjoying a cup of clean water.

Takol Pagoda water site.  On the left is the filter, in a security box with lock.

Tho Vanthol, deputy director of Salalek pram Primary school, jokes:  ”Where are the filters?”  See below…

They are cleverly hidden for security purposes, behind the school white board!

Tralach referral hospital has four filters, one for each ward.

Ouk Yon, Headmaster of Kahn Chong Primary school (elderley gentleman to left of filter), and teachers, with their clean water site, including a new drilled well, which Ouk Yon has wanted for over seven years.

Drilling the well at Kahn Chong primary school

Nut Trasom, Director of Kampong Chhnang government orphanage is getting 90 litres per hour from his Free Flow 60!

View of the drilled well on first visit to Takol primary school.  It looked like a losing battle.  Now they are getting clean water every day, and we have just installed another filter in the school.


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